Action plan strategy Young girls are being forced to marry as young as 5 years old, LET’S ACT!

To sign this petition and to hand it over to the United Nations. The petition clearly requests that the United Nations construct a legislative text against forced marriages and to reinforce punishment for the abuse of this practice. We also have to intervene before United Nations put their adjusted sexual rights declaration into practice.

Still 197 participations needed to achieve 750
The objective of our action


Against who/what is this petition aim at.

The United Nations, New York

Required action

Prohibit forced marriage of young girls

The petition

Millions of young girls are suffering in silence because of religion, patriarchy and absurd laws.

Forced marriage is a phenomenon that not only has catastrophic effects on young girls but also creates long terms consequences. These girls live in unhealthy environments, being victims of their husband and husband’s family and do not have access to education.

With this petition, we encourage the TOTAL AND COMPLETE BAN of forced marriage for young girls and encourage new reinforced punishment for those who do not obey this law. Furthermore, we URGENTLY request a citizen intervention about the sexual rights declaration (which would make the situation even worse) before it is implemented.