Support, Participate, Propagate!

DescriptionYoung girls are being forced to marry as young as 5 years old, let’s act!

The consequences of young girls being forced to marry are irreversible: school drop offs, poverty, rape, underage pregnancy, loss of freedom, depression, domestic violence… which sometimes result in suicide. Still in 2016, the statistics are alarming. More than 700 million women have been victims of forced marriage and more than 1 in 3 were aged less than 15 years old. This global problem hits primarily developing countries because of their strict religious framework and oppressive laws against women. At the same time, the United Nations recently put forward a global plan to allow the age of sexual rights and consent to be 10 years old. How is this meant to have a positive effect on young girls being abused and forced to marry against their will? Let’s sign and support. It is time to stop this terrible act.
Goal of the claim (Remove)
With the help of an official law framework, abolish this practice and prohibit forced marriages. We also request that the United Nations change their declaration about sexual rights and forbid this practice.