Who we are

The story of Weroes

Weroes wasn’t born yesterday.
It’s the product of a great journey that begins with our founder, Alain Migneault.


The long and short of it

As a child, Alain was already looking forward to a day when society might change. Disadvantaged himself, he knew what it was to want and felt he could help. It’ was with this idea in mind that he learned and he grew. He became a successful entrepreneur and followed his life path.

His first inspiration for making claims was that all over the world, the notion of change was being stunted by inaction. And that’s when his idea was given legs – “people need a place to find themselves, to unite, structure solutions and (above all) take action.” His observation gave way to a belief: the key to real change lies in action, voluntary and pacifist action.

Several months of consulting and working with the UQAC (Chaire d’éco-conseil de l’université du Québec à Chicoutimi) resulted in a first draft of a website dedicated to social issues. We had a first draft in 2010 but we still had a long way to go...but eventually we had our second draft and then our third. A dream this big doesn’t happen overnight! After several years of working alongside experienced collaborators, Weroes was defined: a social network that provides the tools you need to take action, to become a hero.

Alain’s life’s work is now ready to go, all that’s missing is you.

React. Then act.

Weroes's values

Weroes believes that positive change is something we all deserve and something we’re each responsible for… if we’re hungry for it. The following values form the foundation of our movement and are the common ground shared by our team. Every action should be taken in the name of:

  • Justice
  • Respect
  • Humanity
  • Non-violence

The Weroes Team

Are you familiar with the ‘domino effect’? That’s exactly how Weores was built. And it isn’t over yet. United by strong team spritit, solid convictions and enough spark to light up the world, our members are the force that drives the network forward every day. They are the first Weroes.

Share your talent with us

Contribute to the development and success of Weroes. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and fresh minds.