Why create a Weroes account


Why create an account?

Your advantages

Team up with a community that powers ideas and inspires action!

  1. Join the movement Join the movement

    When you create an account, you become a Weroes, which means:

    • Follow, support and propose claims
    • Suggest ideas, create action plans
    • Keep up with your neighbourhood, your city and the world
    • Get support from other Weroes
  2. Accès à la communauté Chat with Weroes members

    As a Weroes, you’ll benefit from:

    • A forum where you can ask questions and test the waters
    • Help from other Weroes whenever you need it
    • The opportunity to become an ambassador
    • The chance to share your experience
    • Access to events organized by WEROES
  3. Avantages Benefit from products and services

    Thanks to our partners, you have access to products and services that will help make your claim a success. From pure logistics, to event planning, media relations, digital and legal help and more.

A Weroes sleeps in every citizen

Are you outraged by a global social injustice? Would you like to improve the lot of citizens in your neighbourhood? Make a demand.