Launch your claim

The Weroes social network was born from a sense of urgency.

Social cynicism is at an all-time high. Everywhere, society is crying out and it’s clear that citizens lack the right tools to influence the decisions that affect them. But there is a glimmer of hope: all over the world, more and more people are looking for ways to make their voices heard. The internet is one way to get and to share information, and in certain cases, to remove dictators.

Weroes is the tool we need to revitalize democracy.


Weroes wants to be the social network of standard for your citizen activism. We offer the possibility to take action for causes of all sizes; small and large, local or global, civic, environmental, political, etc.

Weroes is equipped with powerful collective action tools made available to millions of people from all walks of life. Suggest your claims, activate them and draw up action plans with other concerned members. Take action and witness change.

Bring your claim to victory

  1. Launch.
  2. Manage.
  3. Succeed. 
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